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I began my career in 2011 and immediately started frequently traveling for work. Before that I was a chronic over-packer; “but what if..?” was my motto. I since have learned the value of space and convenience of not having too much luggage, especially with air travel and all the restrictions that come with it.

I’m a big pro-carry on only person, and not because of the cost of checking but the elimination of having to wait for your checked bag. So that’s an even bigger draw to figure out how to pack smarter.

I know I touched on travel with this post put I have a really short trip coming up and decided this would be a good topic to blog about!

Here are some tips I’ve accumulated, both over my pre-surgery years and in this recovery since it’s more essential I pack certain things.

Watch Your Liquids

Ah, the challenge of air travel and that 3oz. rule. You can buy solid shampoo and conditioner. They’re not as environmental friendly but you can pack makeup remover wipes over liquid makeup remover. Same with toner.

I beg of you, then please have your bag of liquids in a convenient place to pull out for going through airport security. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is surprised when their bag sets off the sensor then they have to go on a search and seizure to find the liquid.

Plan Ahead

Let’s say you know you have a trip coming up in 2 weeks, and your toothpaste is getting down there. Think about how much you’ll need on vacation and take the normal sized one. There’s few things more satisfying on a trip than getting to throw out something and take home less stuff.

Decante Your Loved Products

Traveling can feel ideal to use smaller products you’ve accumulated that are different than the products you normally use. But this can be another varied factor in an already strange situation. Travel already brings stress, often richer food than we’re used to and different water (primarily noticeable with washing your hair); why throw another variable into the mix? I prefer buying empty travel containers and taking my usual products with me. Or often brands have a gift set with smaller versions of their products which can be perfect for travel!

Not all that is mine!

Keep A Travel Kit Always Packed

If you travel frequently, consider always having your kit packed. I’m more mindful then most but recently forgot to pack my deodorant since I was planning to pack it the day I left after I used it. Yes it was easy to go buy one, but it was an annoyance that took up time I could have instead being enjoying my vacation. Doing this is more expensive because you’re buying duplicates of your products but you can easily pack your toiletry bag without much thought. Another idea is to make a checklist.

What are your travel kit tips?

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