Beauty Badass

Inherited Habits

I, over the years, have acquired most of my beauty knowledge from outside sources. My mom’s not a girly-girl, nor was her mom, so I don’t have many inherited habits.


I splurge on a lot of my skincare and makeup products. I however don’t believe in paying for an expensive cleanser since it’s not on your skin long. I also love this toner, which isn’t expensive.

Travel Diaries

As I discussed in this post, I caution against changing the products you use just because you’re traveling. Decante your usual products into smaller containers.

Simplifying is Better

A few years ago my skin was not as great as I knew it usually was. I went to a dermatologist and they told me I was using too many different brands. I switched solely to First Aid Beauty and my skin cleared up. I find exploring different brands interesting however sometimes I think there’s too many options.

Favorite Stores

I used to prefer Sephora over Ulta since they carried many brands Ulta did not, but now they’re more comparable and I shop both depending on what I’m buying. I buy directly from brand sites as they often run promotions.

My Routine

I have a lot of steps/put a lot on my face. It’s joke-able, yes, but I’m having the last laugh because at almost 34 I have great skin.

I’m not fussy with cleanser; as I said above it’s on your skin for such a short time. My go to is something gentle, this, or if I want to treat myself, this.

Sunscreen, always. Regardless if it’s sunny out, if I’ll be outside I protect my skin. I either used this or if I want some color, this . I love CC cream because while it isn’t a full face it does provide an overall smoothing of color and just evens you out.

Eye cream is seen as extra, but it’s definitely an area worth devoting time and money to. You need so little product, so yes eye creams are expensive but the last forever. I’m always trying out new ones and haven’t found a go to yet.

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