How to Change Your Mood

Two weeks ago I slowly fell into a funk that lasted ten+ days. It was not fun and I had so many moments of thinking “I just want to be happy.” Unfortunately these bouts of a down mood happen from time to time. I wanted to share some tips that hopefully help you:

Change your location.

I went to my condo with Glen and that was the catalyst for turning my mood around. I needed the moment of sitting on my couch with my dog.

I heavily believe in the importance of location on your mood. Yes it’s not always possible to go to a different location. It’s also difficult with Covid risks. That being said, go for a walk. Grab a coffee somewhere. Anything. Just change up where you are to break up the monotony that can draw out a bad mood.

Take it easy on yourself.

When you’re down it’s not the time to, say, start a strict diet and exercise plan. If there ever was a time it’s ok to sit and binge The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I mean, that’s an example. Not a real life thing that happened…) this is it. Yes being busy keeps you from negative thinking but the wrong kind of busy can be exhausting and add to feeling bad, not help.

Know that this is temporary.

The advantage of my 3+ years of therapy is that I’ve learning to accept that a bad mood will pass. While it’s no fun to feel icky, sometimes the only way through is through. Telling yourself this feeling is temporary can be a huge help.

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