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I’ve always been a huge reader. Pre-surgery my lifestyle lent a lot of time that I could spend reading; my commutes everyday, my lunch breaks, etc. It’s therefore been a struggle to now find specific time to spend reading.

I have appointed set times, such as listening to an audiobook to and from the trips to my workout sessions. I try to pick reading over watching tv; some nights I do better than others.

But a helpful way to tackle my goal to read more is a great way to approach any goal; divide it into small and attainable parts. I select a few books, usually one audio, one novel and one nonfiction or similar, easier to slow read, and for the audio and nonfiction I make a rule to do one chapter a day. It’s slower than my normal time it takes to get through a book, sure, but it’s a very doable way to get through books!

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