Hello Again

I’m back!!!

I did not plan to take a 2+ month hiatus. However I was in a funky mood which then rolled into being busy and week after week I just didn’t feel the call to resume writing posts. And here we are!

Since my last post, I traveled to Rhode Island and St. Louis, got Covid (that’ll be covered in another post), made double workout sessions a regular thing, and more!

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions the last few months to be honest. Earlier on in my recovery journey there was so much hard work to be done that was the main focus. Lately it hits me at times that this is life now. I from time to time really feel the loss of my pre-surgery life and feel like I worked so hard yet only got back some things and just feel cheated.

So really I’m taking it day by day. My emotional state can swing wildly depending on the day. My go to instinct is to want to hole up and be alone to wallow in my bad mood, however I know I feel much better by talking about my pain and getting things done. That’s therefore a constant challenge I’m tackling.

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Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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