Elegance, Part Two

More on the topic of elegance! I started this on Tuesday. Today I’m pulling some old photos to give more tips for looking fabulous!

  1. Embrace lip color
  2. Add fun accessories
  3. Don’t forget about your hair

Lip color:

A bold color means a quick swipe delivers a super easy way to appear polished.


I DETEST back accessories, especially black shoes. Yes black goes with everything, it’s a solid investment, blah blah blah. My #1 life rule is always go for colorful bags and shoes. I then buy more neutral clothes, making it pretty easy to put together an outfit that looks ok.

And do not forget that jewelry adds a finishing touch to every outfit!


Humidity, grease, and just general bad hair days call for wearing your hair up. Jazz up a simple ponytail with braids, clips or a headband!

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