Repost: Exploring the Term Disabled

I met with my therapist today. I had given her this book; she read it and enjoyed it so much. Our discussion reminded me how great this book is, and how it should be a reading requirement.

Sometimes what has happened to me is quite serious; devastating, unfair, horrible… But other times it’s not so serious. It’s ok to laugh. We worry so much about being “PC” but it’s really to find the humor.

Something that people have to deal with is incorrect assumptions. The quick and easy assumption is not working means a person is lazy and has no purpose. There’s a lot of barriers preventing someone from being able hold a job, part or full time. A person can have a purpose other than work. I, and I’m guessing others to, can feel frustrated with the implication, which sometimes isn’t even a conscious thing, that I’m worth less just because I don’t choose to have work in my life.

Please read this book. It’s such a quick read and filled with truths many people don’t think about.

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