Nevertheless, She Persisted

My surgery affected my left side. In the beginning both sides showed weakness, but over time the right has really pulled ahead to the point I believe the strength and control is pretty close to what it was pre-surgery.

The same cannot be said of my left side. It’s an area of continuous focus in my workouts, although to myself I’ve had the hard recognition that it may always be much weaker.

Something my trainers constantly work with me on is not hyperextending my left knee. Much, MUCH easier said than done. It’s very frustrating to think something but then not be able to have your body do it.

The thing about me is I’m VERY stubborn. Yesterday during one of my sessions my trainer Matt says “I can see how hard you’re trying to make your knee not hyperextend.” Then, in our last 10 minutes, I started stepping with a bend in my left leg. Not every step. But, as Matt said, “it’s starting.”

The point of sharing this story. Never quit. Never give up. It’s almost FOUR years since my surgery. Yet I persisted and FINALLY saw a glimmer of what I was resigned couldn’t happen.

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