I vividly remember the first time I bought Chomps. I was checking out at Trader Joe’s, saw it at the register, and added it to my pile. That started a glorious relationship.

Game. Changer. Unlike how Kevin called them fancy Slim Jims, Chomps are the perfect snack. They aren’t filled with shit so you can feel good when you eat them. And they’re compatible with many food plans, like Whole30!

The Chomplings are a smaller size when you just need a little something.

They’ve been just what I need after an intense workout; filling but they don’t make you feel heavy. They are the perfect Covid snack; you can hold the wrapper and not touch the food. These were my go to snack when I went to Day Rehab! Chomps are the perfect thing to put in your bag.

Glen goes crazy over Chomps. He ALWAYS knows when I open one, and I cannot put the empty wrapper anywhere he can get it; I learned the time he pulled it out of the trash. As long as it’s not a spicy one, I always give him the last bit.

I was lucky enough to become a Chomps partner and was so excited to learn they’re based in Chicago! I received a welcome shipment for free. Here’s my link. I know I will continue to buy this perfect snack!

Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet

A few weeks ago I received some vegetarian products from Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet to try. I’m not vegetarian, but I do like to find vegetarian products I like to decrease my meat consumption. I find however some products have a weird aftertaste, and/or have so many additives in the ingredient list. Pretty much in a nutshell, I’m picky AF.

From the company: I’d like to introduce you to a family-owned company based in Two Harbors: Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet. Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet offers handmade frozen vegetarian food products, including meatballs, patties, and crumbles.
The company was founded by Bruce Bacon (ironic, right?) who grew up vegetarian, thanks to his mom, Doris Ruth. More than 50 years ago, Doris experimented with simple, wholesome vegetarian recipes in her Northern Minnesota kitchen. Her recipes are the basis for the Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet line of products.

I gave these products a try; first up were the sweet and tangy balls. These are flavorful enough on their own. I gotta say these were GOOD. No aftertaste, filling and a good consistency. As you can see below we had ours with potato pancakes which I LOVE. I ate 4.

Next I had the pepper & cheese sliders. They are actually the size of a regular patty; I ate two, one on a bun and one on lettuce. Again no aftertaste, flavorful and filling.

I still have regular balls which I’ll eat over pasta and breakfast patties. Because of Whole30 I’ll save both of these.

You can buy Ruth’s products directly on their website.

I was contacted about receiving these but never asked to write a review. Of course I’ve shared my honest opinion above.