Flashback Friday: Kensington Palace

Last week I blogged about when I lived in London. I was lucky enough that when I was there my friends visited. One day we went to Kensington Palace; here are some of my favorite pictures!

Of course I took a photo of this photo .

A treasured memory: my friends and I have a track record of just chatting to people because we are genuinely curious about people’s lives. See: one of the best moments of my life….which I think I’ve blogged? I can’t find it; basically we talked to a security guard at the stage door of Aladdin and he let us backstage.

Anyways, we’re talking to someone who works there and we ask if he’s ever seen Kate (the Cambridges part time live there). He told us on his breaks he likes to go outside and if he’s alone he sings and dances. Well he was singing something like “You Sexy Thing” and he turned around and there was Kate with George and Charlotte.

Flashback Friday: Living in London

One of the highlights of my life was living and working in London. Yes there were both positives (lifelong friendships, getting to check off a dream of mine) and negatives (sometimes feeling lonely, everything with my first month and my flat) but overall it was a great experience. I documented my time there in posts; either the “Logan’s London” or “In and Around London” categories. Here’s my first post!

Flashback Friday: Hiking in Utah

I went on a magical trip back in 2017 out West with Kevin, his mom and brother to hike. We visited Zion and Bryce National Parks and it was just amazing.

On day three after an intense horseback ride at Bryce we were walking back to the car. There was a big uphill path but we knew the view was great, so Kevin and I put aside our body aches and climbed it. The photo below is up that hill.

Flashback: Getting Glen

One of my 2022 goals is cleaning out the 10+ years of photos on my laptop; oof. I’m double dipping and starting a new series of flashbacks to show old photos and share the associated story.

First up: when we brought Glen home in May 2018!

Kevin and I decided we were ready for a dog. He said so at work and one of his coworkers said “I have a dog”. He was fostering Glen, so we met him and obviously were instantly smitten. We had to apply and be approved, then go in to sign the adoption papers (and pay).

We picked him up and went to Petsmart; I sat on the floor holding Glen while Kevin paid for everything, including a leash! We went to get his tag and had to decide; one n or two?

When we got home he promptly went in the office and pooped. We think he did it to see our reaction (we didn’t chastise him). He was unsure where he was for maybe an hour then he settled and now is attached to us!

Flashback: L.K. Bennett

I went to London in 2013, and on that trip went to L.K. Bennett. I mentioned on Monday that Kate Middleton was a huge L.K. Bennett fan early on as a duchess. They were having a sale, and I bought three beloved pieces; two pairs of heels and a dress.

The dress became a go to for work. It can be paired with a blazer, tights, turtleneck underneath…it’s so versatile. It’s a tweed, white/silver sleeveless knee length dress.

The yellow heels became a fun option to wear to work.

The other heels also were a work option but I also wore them for a work event!

These were definitely investments but have earned their worth over the years.

The Story of My Bose Headphones

I bought my Bose headphones in the summer of 2018. I know the timing because I went to Dublin for work twice that summer, and for the first trip in June I did not have them so Kevin let me borrow his pair.

These were an investment for sure. With the amount of travel I did and how my day-to-day at work looked, I had decided they would be worth the money. I had several Visa gift cards from various work things for a substantial majority of the cost. I vividly remember going to the Target by my office with a coworker to buy them (it was during the day, but not at lunch. There is no judgement if you leave the office at a random time. Oh the number of times someone or several people would go out for coffee…)

I used my headphones A LOT that summer. They are noise cancelling so they are a game changer on flights. I love “regular” headphones but these are an obvious sign that you’re listening to something; sometimes I’f just put them on so I wouldn’t be disturbed.

When I was admitted to the hospital the first night I couldn’t sleep so I put these on and listened to Hamilton.

Post surgery I was more sensitive to sound so I’d wear the headphones at the movie theater. I thankfully don’t need them to block out noise anymore! They haven’t been used since, not for any reason other than they were away in my desk drawer at the condo. I was there this past weekend though so I took them with me! I’m excited to use my old friend again for how it’s meant to be used!