Goodbye London!

Whoa-it’s the end of my secondment! I feel like I should say just yesterday it was my first week. But really it’s felt like the right amount of time for me. I could go on and on about my time in London, the pros and cons of British living, etc. But I think I’ll save all those thoughts to reflect on once I am back in the States! For now I’ll just leave it at this; London, I love you! 

My parents are flying over at the end of this week and I am so so so SO beyond excited! We have an amazing holiday planned the next few weeks, but truth be told I’m just really looking forward to seeing them.

So I’ll be off the blog for a bit. See you when I’m back in Chicago!!

xoxo Logan

Spring has Sprung in London


Here’s a smattering of photos from the last couple of weeks.

I tried out Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill and loved! Mint tea and a surprisingly delicious bowl of pea and mint soup.

Dishoom with Gail and co. then Cahoots for drinks!

I was VERY excited when my drink came in a tea cup.

Walking through St. James Park and seeing the Horse Guards Parade.

Champagne drinks with work. Needless to say I didn’t do much the following day.

A day in South Kensington: stopping at the History Museum…

…..getting salmon don, AND MATCHA, at Tombo……

….and seeing the amazing Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform the works of Tchaikovsky at the Royal Albert Hall.

I met Gail for dinner in Maida Vale, with a walk past Little Venice to get to the Warwick Castle pub!

Seeing the fabulous Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard!

It’s been a busy last few weeks trying to tick things off my London list. And there are only four weeks left in my secondment; geez how time has flown by!

Officially Spring!

London has been gorgeous the last few weeks. Still a bit nippy but the sun has been shining and the days are becoming longer. Here’s a slew of pictures from London life!

Duck eggs have been a staple in my fridge lately; they are slightly larger than chicken eggs and a bit more decadent.

It’s still chilly but bright lips and statement necklaces help take on the day!

I’ve been working on the same client for a few weeks and most days entail an afternoon cuppa. I think I’ve finally perfected the art of a cup of British tea!

At the end of February I spent a day in Notting Hill with one of my old dance friends Rachael who was in town for the weekend! We queued for a delicious brunch at Granger & Co, now on the top of my favorite restaurants of London list.

Afterwards we enjoyed a gorgeous day in London with a walk through Notting Hill and Kensington.

I saw ‘Hail Caesar’ at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, a super swanky cinema! The film was a bit eh but how can you beat comfy chairs and footstools?

Trying to get into the Snapchat game since most days it’s an afterthought! 

Brunching with Gail.

Last weekend started with a brisk walk through Kensington on the way to the Royal Albert Hall.

I went for a tour in the morning which was spectacular!

The Royal box…

…and the staircase that the royals use to enter (as well as the Queen’s private loo in the corner!)

I popped into the V&A for some culture and a scone (but of course).

Then back to the Royal Albert Hall to see the orchestra play live along with “Raiders of the Lost Ark”!

I absolutely loved this. “Raiders” is one of my favorite films and the talent of the orchestra was just beyond!

Afterwards I took a walk through Hyde Park before heading home. Oh London life!

A Mild February in London

Hello! Time for a little catch up from the last week or so. First off, some links I am loving: 

  1. The Real Life RD on Whole30
  2. 10 Habits of Healthy People via Gymbags and Gladrags 
  3. What 12 Successful People Do During Their Morning Routine via Levo 
  4. You Are Enough: Jane Jourdan of FIT FOR BROADWAY via An Actress Eats
  5. A Winter Capsule Wardrobe from the Shutterbean blog 

Lemon drizzle cake and soy cappuccino at Primrose Bakery. I grabbed a seat in the back alcove and wrote a few letters back home before going to see ‘Guys and Dolls’ at the Savoy Theatre. 

Love the story; disappointed with this production. I guess they can’t all be winners! 

Carrying on my quest to buy all the ‘Harry Potter’ books, this time at Hatchards

I made pizza from scratch and oh. my. goodness. AMAZING. I used this recipe for the crust and this one as a guide for baking guidelines. 

Tuesday we celebrated Jen’s birthday at M Grill. Mocktails, shared plates and great conversation!!

On Wednesday I went to class at Psycle and we snapped a picture post-ride for instagram! Can you spot me?? 

On Sunday I did some meal planning then headed out to grocery shop.

The day was gorgeous so I stopped in at the British Museum for a little culture.

I then discovered my newest obsession, Planet Organic. This place just speaks to my culinary soul! Not to mention FINALLY finding Kombucha in London!!! Happy, happy girl. 

Have a wonderful week!

xoxo, Logan 

Auld Lang Syne: 2016!

On New Years Eve we went to see ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Did you know that the theatre changes its name to be reflective of the gender of the current monarch? When Charles takes the throne the theatre will change its name to His Majesty’s Theatre!

What can I say about Phantom? It’s my first theatre love and was just as breathtaking as always.

I love seeing different actors take on the iconic roles and how they interpret the characters (though nothing will beat this).

We celebrated with champagne of course!

Intermission essentials. 
Intermission essentials. 

After the bows the cast sang Auld Lang Syne with the audience (you know, the folk song that is traditionally used to bid farewell to the old year). It was really touching end to the show!

We met up with Steve and Lindsey after the show and rang in the New Year watching the fireworks on TV at my flat!

What a start to 2016! 

About Last Sunday….

The best days really are the ones that you don’t know are going to be so great. On Sunday I had a lazy wake up, went for a quick run then set out to try and check off a few to dos from my giant London list.

I had debated trying a few restaurants for lunch but ended up at 26 Grains. I stumbled upon their Instagram feed early into my secondment in London but hadn’t had a chance to stop by until now. Who knows what I was waiting for as this place is ah-MAAA-zing!

26 Grains serves up bowls of deliciousness, aka grain bowls. They serve both sweet and savory porridge as well as smoothies, coffee and tea. Two HUGE pluses: they offer almond milk and have matcha lattes!! So it should be no surprise I ordered a matcha latte, with almond milk and oh my goodness. SO good.

I also decided on the savory porridge with avocado, kale, egg and hot sauce. I mean….come on! File this under ‘things that Logan is obsessed with and could eat everyday’. What a soul-pleasing meal!

26 Grains is tucked away at 2 Neal’s Court in Covent Garden. It’s a quaint space with a smattering of tables and jugs of cucumber and lemon water on the table. When I arrived I sat at the end of a table with two girls. I overheard American accents but didn’t want to butt into their conversation so I carried on reading as I ate. About halfway through the two girls left and two people grabbed the available space while their companion waited to order at the till. I shuffled my things to free up a seat for their group of three and both were super nice, the guy joking about having company at the table and the tininess of the seats (seriously, they are tiny stools!). Finishing up my food I started to sip my latte when I overheard the girl say “I write a blog called Fit for Broadway….”

Hold. The. Phone.

I looked up from my book and said “I am so sorry to interrupt but I read your blog and love it.”

Cue meeting Jane of Fit for Broadway!!!!

I absolutely love Jane’s blog.  I’ve been reading it for maybe a year and in every post Jane is so inspiring with her focus on heath, not to mention her fabulous interviews with Broadway actors! I had seen on my Instagram feed that Jane was in London, but seriously what are the chances of running into her?!?

Jane is just as amazing in person as she is in her posts! We chatted about her time in London and upcoming blog profiles: she was joined by Antony Hewitt who will be understudying the role of Aladdin in the upcoming West End production and Abiola Ogunbiyi, who was recently see in London’s cast of Book of Mormon.

As such a theatre fan I was really just blown away to be sitting in a café in London talking with them! Jane will be holding some events during her time here and I really hope to attend!

At that point I had finished off my latte and wanted to let Jane, Antony and Abiola get on with their chat so I headed out, feeling very starstruck!

As I was walking to do some shopping near Piccadilly I passed Crosstown Donuts and I decided to pick up a little something for breakfast the next day. As I was paying I told the girl that I’m from Chicago where we have amazing donuts but Crosstown is so delicious. Turns out she lived in Chicago for six years! We talked about the Chicago greats: Do-Rite, Stan’s and Glazed and Infused. What a small world! It sounds silly but it was really fun to chat with someone who knows your hometown. 

Talk about a wonderfully serendipitous experience for a Sunday that started off just like any other day! 

Hello February!

I KNOW. Two weeks ago I was all “heading to Paris but I’ll be back with posts”. And I have failed. I have sooooo much to post from my adventures with Meg and Steph just no motivation to blog on my down time. For now please make due with a London life update from the start of February!

As mentioned, I was in Paris last weekend! Post to come (promise) though I will say it was amazing. Slash a real parade of hats for me.

This past week was weird. I had salad for breakfast two days. I tried three new recipes; I flopped on one, didn’t like one and goofed a bit on the last with still delicious results (baking in a different metric is hard). I had major insomnia most nights and Sunday morning I went for a run-who am I?

Saturday we celebrated Gail’s birthday at Chick’n’Sours! I went with the tenders (served with a sriracha sauce), pickled watermelon salad and their house sour cocktail. 

Also the most hipster bill served EVER; it came to the table in an egg. 

This past week I also read like my life depended on it; book club was Sunday and our read was ‘The Lake House’ by Kate Morton. Great book but very long! 

I’m looking forward to this week-trying new recipes and seeing Les Miserables with Tracy! Have a wonderful week!!

xoxo, Logan 

January in London

I cannot believe we are almost one month into 2016! I’m throwing together a little London life update from January. Because work is crazy and I’m going on a whirlwind holiday this upcoming weekend, the blog is going to be a bit quiet for a few weeks!

A few of my bestest friends came to visit and I’ll be bouncing back to all the shenanigans we got up to with posts to come.

Work….has been consuming my time and thoughts. Its called busy season for a reason! Selfies and relaxing on the weekends as much as possible is the best I can do for right now to stay sane. And binging on Downton Abbey. I took a little hiatus from watching but am full force (I might have watched four episodes this past weekend…).

I did try two new food spots over the last few weeks. The Duck & Rice, where your food is served with the most addictive chili sauce and the venison puffs are to die for.

Namesake.  Namesake. 

Crosstown Donuts, the closest I have found so far to a respectable donut in this town! 

Also it’s my elementary school’s fiftieth anniversary this year! So here’s a picture of me in first grade on Halloween : ) 

Here’s to February! 

My British Christmas

I had a very British Christmas this year with Gail’s fiancé’s family. It was amazing: Christmas crackers, presents galore, walks along the English Channel and prosecco! We had a beautiful Christmas day roast with all the trimmings, and proper Christmas pudding with vanilla custard and clotted cream. It’s a holiday experience I will never forget. 

The Last of 2015

I can’t believe it’s almost 2016! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of parties, sweets, work and planning for the New Year. Here’s what I’ve been up to in London!

I detoured to Claridge’s to see the Christmas tree in the lobby; this year Christopher Bailey of Burberry designed the piece. It is quite ‘Burberry’ indeed as it’s made up of gold umbrellas! A unique take on the Christmas tree but I really loved it. 

I also admired the rest of the lobby, decked out for the holidays! The hotel is beautiful and I’m adding afternoon tea at Claridge’s to my London list.

Sometimes I just have to laugh when I am grocery shopping….like how Waitrose includes a profile on the hens from which their eggs come from! 

There is a food market every Friday near my office and for Christmas the market had reindeer! They seemed pretty unimpressed with the crowds, much preferring to eat and itch themselves. 

I took a walk in the rain one day at lunch to fetch my train ticket for Christmas and wandered back through the Christmas Market at Tower Bridge. 

Obviously this was a big event in my December!

I went to see ‘Cats’ at the London Palladium Theatre. The theatre was built in 1910 and is one of the more famous London theatres from its resume of performances. I visited the Palladium back in 2014 when I visited and saw ‘A Chorus Line’ here.  The performance space is a large open stage and the theatre has a Tudor-era feel to it with dark brown tones and ornate wood carvings.

I saw ‘Cats’ at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire with my mom and wanted to experience the show on a larger scale. It was interesting to see how the numbers are differently interpreted, as well as the touches added to modernize the story. ‘Cats’ is not my favorite musical but nonetheless I really enjoyed the production. 

This weekend I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty with my coworker Tracy at the Sadler Wells Theatre. It is a re-interpreted version of the classic tale and is marketed as a ‘gothic romance’. The dancers were spectacular and the show had several amazing set pieces. Even though I prefer more classic ballets versus contemporary ones it was a lovely performance! 

Afterwards Tracy and I visited Fortnum and Mason and took in their spectacular Christmas windows. I love the rich colors and gold used to decorate this year! We had a delicious dinner at The Wolseley and walked through London before the end of the evening.

I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!! 

Love, Logan