Color Street Nails

When this happened to me, my world drastically shrunk. Because I’m living the recovery life I don’t have many of the same things relevant to me that I did pre-surgery.

But I do have my love of polished nails; it’s borderline an obsession. I’ve always been really into painting my nails; when I first moved to the city my roommate and I had a wall with big nail polish holders and at least 75 bottles-it was like a salon! I definitely prefer to have polish on my nails. However manicures are expensive and I don’t view going to a salon as something overtly therapeutic; who loves waiting for your polish to dry? Plus now with Covid I don’t love having to spend any more time than needed in public. I sometimes would get a gel manicure but the removal process is more complicated and I cannot put up with leaving polish on too long and having too much grow out near your cuticle.

So I was still living without a really good nail solution. I can MAX stretch to 6-7 days but usually get chips by day 2. I hate having to wait for polish to dry; I inevitably mess it up before it fully dries. Touchups are impossible right now. I liked gel polish for vacations and when I wanted my polish to last. However, as I hinted at above I’m not crazy about the harshness to remove the polish.

This summer a friend introduced me to Color Street. Before discovering them she’d get her nails done every two weeks like clockwork (excluding this weird pandemic time). She told me she’s tried other brands of strips and they do not compare.

I tried them and was immediately a convert. These totally changed my life; they are all I use now. The immediate dryness, the fact that they last (I change mine at most every two weeks because the grow out bothers me but you could go longer) and being able to use normal polish removal…I’m not sure I’ll go back to regular polish!

Easy to access ordering with this!

I decided to host an online party to spread my love of Color Street. Yes it’s frivolous compared to all the more serious stuff going on. But it’s also fun, and we all need more fun in our lives! Seriously, when I’m just so upset and look down at my nails and smile because they’re pretty…I want everyone to feel that joy!

During setting up my party I got an albeit kind lecture from a friend on the dangers of a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and to be careful. Her concern was quite nice but also 😒. We all have our own things that impassion us. I get it, but as a host you’re not at risk at all. And if I’m in the wrong for supporting an MLM company…c’mon. I just think they make a pretty product that works, plain and simple. I’m not going to be against this type of thing.

The party group is on Facebook, and you can buy here; my party’s through November 12th! They always have a B3G1 promotion, my rep can send you samples, and they’re worth trying!

Obsessed 8.28.20

The Mandalorian

I binged this with Kevin and it’s amazing. It’s only 8 short episodes so we watched it in a weekend. I’m a pretty big Star Wars nerd so this has been on my list for a while. It’s a compelling story and well done; highly recommend!

The real reason I watched.

2. The Bold Type

My friend Steph recommended this to me. It’s on Hulu and SO good; the three main characters are 3 strong women that are #goals. Honestly this might be the best show I’ve seen.

Now season 4 is…different. #1 filming got halted due to corona so it ends abruptly and #2 I’m not sure if they feared cancellation or were like “shit we need to expand the storyline” but things get weird. So I recommend watching through season 3 then stopping!

Obsessed 8.21.20

1. Dr. Who

Kevin and I are watching Dr. Who; we started pre-surgery and I’m obsessed. The night before my surgery we watched an episode on his tablet, and I had a weird moment of thinking there was a Dr. Who musical episode and Kevin played it for me during my crazy post-surgery time. I know this will be controversial, my order of favorite doctors are: Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi (I KNOW. No one was more surprised than me. I always referred to him as the old guy even when I knew his name. I like him so much because a) I like crotchety old men (when I told this to Kevin he pointed to himself and said exhibit A) and b) *spoiler alert* when he helped Clara when Danny died. Heartbreaking? Yes. So sweet? Also yes.) then David Tennant. I have not seen the lady doctor yet.

I think a big part of opinions of doctors are your feelings about the companions. I didn’t love Rose Tyler and while I loved that Donna didn’t take any shit, she wasn’t my cup of tea. On the flip side I loved the Ponds and Clara.

2. Stay F. Homekins Podcast

Thanks to Kevin I love the podcast Comedy Bang Bang. My favorite comedian is Paul F. Tompkins. Well, he and his wife started a podcast and I’m obsessed. I laughed so hard out loud listening to episode 1.

3. Act Like A Lady

I’m a huge fan of the podcast The LadyGang.

So I just had to read their book and I’m OBSESSED. I listened to it since I was recovering. It’s amazing!

Obsessed 8.14.20

  1. Away Luggage

I used to travel A LOT. I took both personal and work trips, and I truly believe in the power of carry on luggage only. A few years ago I decided I wanted to invest in hard luggage. I got an Away suitcase and I’m obsessed. These suitcases wheel easily, can charge your phone and the inside is so functional. Go with the bigger carry on. I love love love this luggage. Do you have a favorite piece of luggage?

2. Jojo Rabbit

I originally saw this movie in tthe theater with my mom. I’m obsessed-I laughed, I cried. When it was released I insisted on buying it. I made Kevin watch it and I say to Glen all the time “little boooy!” in the style of Jojo saying “little giiirl!”. Ahhhhhh so good. Have you seen it?

3. Brooks Brothers Shoes

Pre-surgery I was a New Balance girl. I’m VERY picky when it comes to athletic footwear because I’m so devoted to working out. Well. My parents converted me to Brooks and I’m OBSESSED. Best shoees ever and I’ll never go back. I prefer the Glycerins but they’re all amazing. I think I have Kevin on board too. What’s your favorite shoe brand?

Obsessed 7.24.20

1. RMS Beauty

I’m recently trying to naturalize all my products. Luckily I discovered this makeup brand and I’m obsessed! I love their powder, luminizers and eye shadow; their lip stuff is great too.

2. Lola

My favorite natural female health brand by far; I’ve tried others, this one works and I’m obsessed! Plus they’re now at Wal-Mart!

3. Making the Cut

I recently watched this fashion competition on Prime and I’m obsessed. I used to watch Project Runway (don’t bore Nina!) so I just loved this. Worth the binge for sure.

Obsessed 7.17.20

1. Tieks

I LOVE flats. I’m tall, some moments do call for heels but I mostly live the flat life. I’m also super picky; my flats need good support and have to be sturdy because I’m hard on my shoes. Enter Tieks; I’m OBSESSED with this brand. They are great commuting and travel shoes that look good. I’ve talked to a lot of strangers starting out with them saying “are you wearing Tieks?” Yes they are pricy but are worth the investment; I got my first pair Spring 2017 and they’re still kickin’! Go with patent since in my experience they last longer.

2. Megababe

Real talk: I LOVE wearing dresses in Summer but I hate thigh chafe. Cue Megababe. It’s like deodorant for your thighs, apply it in the morning. It really works and I’m obsessed!

3. Happiness For Beginners

My friend Steph recommended this book and it’s soooo good. I’ve read other Katherine Center books and personally am not a fan but this one? Obsessed.

Obsessed 7.10.20

1. Lo and Sons

These bags are so great! I have a lot for work; the OG is the perfect carry on. Obsessed.

2. Volcano

I remember working at Bath and Body Works in college and a customer telling me about this scent. It’s my go to at Anthropologie; obsessed. Kevin got me this amazing 12 Days of Christmas set last year!

3. Gilmore Girls

I’ve been obsessed with this show since High School, and it’s on Netflix! Midway through season 6 it gets derailed (April) but the reboot is great!

Obsessed 6.26.20

  1. The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes

I’m in a book club at therapy and am obsessed. We read 100 pages each week and then discuss; we all chose a different book. There are 3 of us in the group.

I’m reading the new Hunger Games; it’s about Snow when he was 18, it was the 10th Hunger Games and the first year there were mentors. It used to be so awful. They brought in the tributes in livestock trains and they had to stay at the zoo, in the empty monkey house.

It’s fascinating, and when I’m done I want to re-read the originals to see if I view Snow differently. HIGHLY recommend.

  1. Gossip Girl

I just re-watched Gossip Girl-I’m obsessed with this show! Guilty pleasure but I’m not ashamed. I started with season four since I haven’t watched the last seasons a lot and the final season, six, is only ten episodes.

  1. New Friends

Last year at therapy, I made friends with a bunch of patients then got burned when they left. This year I vowed to just focus on my therapies instead of making friends. But it happened organically; with my book club and I’m doing more group stuff. I’m texting with a patient! I love that these patients know exactly what it’s like; obsessed.

Obsessed 6.19.20

1. Calm

I stink at meditating but want to get better. Enter the Calm app. There are 10 minute daily meditations, music, sleep stories, soundscapes (like rain on leaves), and meditations for every mood. I have the premium version ($48 a year) but the free version has a ton of stuff. Obsessed.

2. Lover Album

I’m obsessed with the new Taylor Swift album. And watch this especially the end-amazing.

3. EveryDollar

I have to go forward with 60% of my salary. Not only that, I got a raise effective October 1, 2018 but because my surgery was October 27 firm rules state that the 60% is on my old salary. My raise was $8,000. That sucks…but those are the rules. It’s not like we were going to postpone surgery had we known. So going forward, it’s really important for me to stick to a budget. Unfortunately I HATE budgeting. Always have.

Luckily, my friend Steph has used a lot out there and sent me a nice big review email. I chose EveryDollar and am obsessed. Unlike the popular Mint, you do not need to link your bank account. The app is awesome. You just create your budget and every month log your income and expenses.

Of course as a CPA I love finances. I made this budget template; hopefully it helps you.

Obsessed 6.5.20

  1. lPodcasts

I’m focusing on catching up on podcasts; it’s hard because pre-surgery I’d listen on the L, at work and driving. Now, I listen in the morning and prioritize listening during the day. Pre-surgery musts: Rob Has A Podcast, Pod Save America, Comedy Bang Bang, That’s So Retrograde, The Lady Gang, Royally Obsessed, Sex With Emily, Armchair Expert. Post: Stuff You Should Know, NPR Now, The Bitch Bible, Pretty Basic, Purple Pants Podcast, Getting Curious, Showmance, Trader Joe’s, Recovering From Reality, Oprah’s Supeer Soul Conversations, Musical Talk, Be There In Five, Hamilcast. I’m obsessed with getting information this way.

2. Spotify

I LOVE music, and I’m obsessed with Spotify.

3. 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young.

I do puzzles to exercise my mind and I’m obsessed with this book.